Property Damage

Lafayette Accident Lawyer

There are many types of property damage losses such as automobile damage, damage to building structures, damage to tools and machinery, etc. The most common property damage is caused by motor vehicular accidents. Unfortunately, those Louisiana motorists involved in automobile accidents that escape bodily injury still suffer property damage to their vehicles, many times to the extent of a total loss. The party at fault only owes market value on the vehicle. If the vehicle loan balance is more than the market value, the owner (of the total loss vehicle) must still pay the balance due to the lending company. Furthermore, if it becomes necessary to hire an attorney, Louisiana law does not force the insurance company to pay attorney fees, putting the vehicle owner even further in debt. That is why it is important to contact an attorney very soon after an automobile accident.

Other types of property damage to structures, machinery or equipment may bring along with it business and income losses. At the Law Offices of Matt & Allen, we are able to protect your interests in order to obtain the full measure of damages to which the law entitles you.

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