Steven J. Matt (1987-2019)

Steven J. Matt was born in 1987 as the third child of Miles and Glenda Matt. Steven found his passion for reading and writing through his love for history and politics and spent years working in the state capital with former Senator Mike Michot. This led to him wanting to attend law school and follow the path paved by his father, Miles, and older brother, Jason. Steven graduated from Loyola University New Orleans School of Law in 2016 and joined Matt & Allen shortly thereafter, handling criminal defense cases and particularly juvenile criminal defense. During his short but significant career, he won several awards for his service and abilities, including awards received after his death. He had a zest for representing his clients and trying to change their lives. Just as he was converting his practice from criminal cases to personal injury cases he unfortunately passed away at the young age of 31, leaving two beautiful and loving children, Edward and Elizabeth Matt. His memory lives on and he would have no doubt made an excellent personal injury attorney.

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