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Quick but crucial legal advice that will save or even make you money:

  • Make sure you have uninsured motorist and medical payment insurance.  It is worth every penny, and if you ever have to use it, you probably will collect more money than the premiums that you paid over the years.
  • Contact us immediately if you are injured through no fault of your own.  Time is of the essence and delaying representation could have a negative impact on your case and in some situations could completely eliminate any potential recovery.
  • Many doctors will not take your health insurance if you are injured in a car wreck, but we can assist in arranging the proper medical care.  Often, clients hit a brick wall and don’t know how to proceed if their doctor insists on 100% payment up front and they cannot afford it.  We know what to do.  Give us a call.
  • Take pictures of both vehicles when in an accident.  It is likely the very last time you or we will ever see the other vehicle.  Always make a police report.
  • You still have a case if you are injured in a parking lot.  It’s a common misconception that because you are injured in a parking lot, there is nothing that can be done.  This stems from the fact that a police officer cannot issue a ticket to a driver involved in a parking lot accident, but that does not mean that you should not call and report the accident and request that a crash report be made.  The at-fault person and his insurance are still legally liable to pay for any injuries they have caused despite not receiving a traffic ticket.
  • Check your insurance coverages NOW.  “Full coverage” does not mean that you have uninsured motorist or medical payment coverage.  I cannot tell you how many times clients are certain that they have uninsured motorist insurance because they have “full coverage” and it turns out that they are wrong. So, do not assume that you have this critical type of insurance.  Uninsured motorist is insurance that you buy to pay yourself in the event you are injured by someone who either has no insurance or doesn’t have enough to fully compensate you.  It will compensate you for any type of damages you suffer, including your mental and physical pain and suffering.  It is a must have in Louisiana, because the majority of drivers do not carry enough insurance to fully compensate you for the injuries that they cause.  Do not buy “economic only” uninsured motorist and do not reject or reduce your uninsured motorist limits.  Economic only will not pay you for your pain and suffering and often times, clients do not end up using their economic only uninsured motorist insurance even though they have been paying for it.
  • Many healthcare providers will not accept your health insurance if you are involved in a car accident, but we can help make sure that you receive medical treatment.  Sometimes we will advance the money for your treatment and other times we will negotiate for the healthcare providers to accept payment at the end of your case, but either way we are very experienced in making sure that you receive the treatment you need and that you are never left owing anything to anyone at the end of your case.
  • As southerners we are all friendly and sympathetic even towards someone else who accidently causes us to get into a car wreck, but it is always in your best interest to report an accident to the police and make a police report.  Failing to make a police report can sometimes result in the insurance company denying that their driver was involved in the accident or that the accident was caused by their driver’s fault.  Also, it is important to always take pictures of all cars involved, especially other vehicles.  Car damage gets repaired; cars get sold; some get totaled out and scrapped; but ultimately, the scene of the accident is probably the last time that you or we will be able to photograph the damage to the other vehicles.  So take pictures of all vehicles involved and the scene in general if you think it is warranted.
  • Bruises and abrasions heal.  They eventually disappear.  It is your burden to prove that you were injured.  So, you need to photograph your injuries.
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