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Railroad CrossingDid you know that the railroad company is often also responsible for the condition of the tracks when a train collides with a vehicle? Louisiana, through its Department of Transportation and Development, administers state and federal funds, allocating their use for specific needs to specific railroad crossings. Many accidents occur because the state did not spend enough money to make a specific railroad intersection safe for motor vehicle traffic. Sometimes the railroad company does not fulfill its obligation to keep the railroad tracks in proper working condition.

Did you know that there are speed limits for trains on particular sections of railroad tracks across the State of Louisiana, similar to speed limits for motor vehicles? Specific rules and regulations apply to when, how often, and how many times a train’s whistle must be blown upon its approach to a particular intersection. Locomotives are also equipped with “black boxes,” very similar to airlines. These and other factors are critical to determining who was at fault in a particular accident and must be fully developed as soon as possible after an accident to prevent loss of evidence from the simple passage of time. These and other issues specific to railroad crossing accidents require the experience of professionals to help you pursue a railroad crossing case.

At the Law Offices of Matt & Allen, we have the experience and resources to handle complex railroad crossing accident cases that result in severe injuries.

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