Business Litigation

Lafayette Business Consulting and Litigation Attorneys

The Lafayette Business Consulting and Litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Matt & Allen are trained and experienced to assist you in the operation of your company. We can assist you in forming a limited liability company, a partnership or a traditional corporation.  We can help prepare or tailor common business contracts and provide ancillary legal services.

We can help guide you through business changes such as the sale of the business, dissolution, liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs or other changes. We can assist you in properly valuing your company and help you obtain expert opinions on valuation and taxation issues that may arise.  We have training and experience in contract interpretation and litigation. We can assist you with employment litigation claims such as employment discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination claims. We also provide general corporate legal advice to suit your business needs.

If you or your company have business issues, contact our office today to speak with experienced and trained attorneys about business consulting, litigation and other corporate legal matters.

Louisiana Investor Claims

The attorneys at the Law Office of Matt & Allen can represent investors in disputes with investment advisors and broker dealers.  Problems often arise in the transactions or management of investor funds and assets involving a sales person, brokerage firm or other securities industry professional.  If you believe that your investment advisor or broker has treated you unfairly, please contact the attorneys at the law office of Matt & Allen to inquire about assistance in resolving any investment issues.

We investigate complaints on your behalf against the investment advisors and brokerage firms as well as their employees and can prepare and assist you in filing a complaint with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”).  FINRA is a self-regulatory organization authorized by Congress to protect America’s investors from broker dealer industry unfair or dishonest practices.  FINRA offers dispute resolution generally through arbitration and mediation and strives to provide a fair, effective venue to handle securities-related disputes.

For a list of prohibited conduct under FINRA see:

The attorneys at the Law Office of Matt & Allen can help you initiate an arbitration or mediation claim and pursue it to its conclusion.  In some instances the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) provides limited coverage to investors on their brokerage accounts if their brokerage firm becomes insolvent.  Both the SIPC and FINRA are authorized to take enforcement actions which may include financial restitution for investors.

If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly or dishonestly by your investment advisor or broker contact the law offices of Matt & Allen today to speak with someone that understands your circumstances, has applicable knowledge that will help and can guide you through the complex legal process involving investment transactions. To learn more on investment claims click here.

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