Defective Automobiles, Motorcycles, and ATVs

Lafayette Defective Products Attorney

ATV product liabilityMany times automobile accidents are caused by defective or malfunctioning motor vehicles. The defect or malfunction may be the result of the manufacturer’s design or a faulty repair or maintenance. Throttling systems, steering systems, and braking systems are prone to defects, as are tires and jacks. When any of these are suspected of being defective, the most important thing a person can do is preserve the vehicle and contact experienced personal injury attorneys so that the vehicle can be protected and evaluated before it is disposed of by the insurance company. In most cases, if the evidence is disposed, it will be impossible to prove your case.

Mr. Matt has a history of working with other engineers in quickly preserving evidence and performing analyses on defective vehicles to determine whether the defect caused or contributed to the accident. With the combination of Mr. Matt’s engineering history and Mr. Allen’s business and economic expertise, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen are well-equipped to represent you in a personal injury case in which a potentially defective automobile, motorcycle, and/or ATV was involved.

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