Defective Machinery and Equipment

Lafayette, LA Personal Injury Lawyer

Farm and construction equipment, such as tractors, hay balers, bulldozers, excavators, and other similar machinery, as well as mobile pumps, pile drivers, and rotating machinery, can present serious dangers. Many times those dangers are hidden and unexpected, even to a sophisticated or experienced operator. Unfortunately, accidents involving machinery or equipment usually cause death or serious bodily harm, preventing the injured person from ever again doing that type of work. As in other accidents involving defective products, the most important thing to do is preserve the equipment and contact experienced personal injury attorneys.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen have experience working with engineers to quickly preserve evidence and perform analyses on defective products. They know firsthand that it is not only a failure or breakdown of equipment that makes it defective, rather it is often due to a failure to install a safety device or to implement a safer, alternative device that could have prevented the injury. Knowing how to uncover these product defects and effectively prove to a jury that the equipment, not the operator, is at fault is just one of the advantages you will have when working with our firm.

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