Defective Tools

Lafayette Defective Tools Lawyer

Many injuries and deaths are caused by defective tools, ranging from the simplest hammer and traditional table saw to sophisticated, computer-controlled, automated machinery, such as lathes, milling machines, presses, etc. Just as in other defective product cases, these devices can cause injury to the most sophisticated user, to the weekend handyman, and even to innocent bystanders. Here, too, we are seeing more and more cheap, imported tools that are simply dangerous because of deficient material, bad design, or improper assembly. Many times, instructions are inadequate or misleading, or there are inadequate warnings. Under Louisiana law, inadequate warnings and inadequate instructions can cause a device to be just as defective as can a defective design. As with most defective product cases, it is necessary to perform thorough investigations into the engineering, business, and legal facets of the manufacturer—domestic or foreign—as well as the often complex maze of packagers, marketers, and distributors.

With the mechanical engineering experience of Mr. Matt and the business and economic experience of Mr. Allen, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen can ensure that your defective product case is fully proven in a court of law and that you recover the full measure of the damages you deserve.

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