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It has happened all too often. Parasailing accidents. It seems like every year some innocent vacationers are injured as a result of a negligent boat captain, helper or the company’s faulty equipment. As lawyers and mechanical engineers, we recognize that parasailing accidents are not unavoidable “freak” accidents. They can be prevented, and if you or someone you love has been injured while parasailing, you should contact us today.

Whether you are visiting Destin, Florida, Gulf Shores, Alabama or any other beach on the Gulf Coast, you deserve to be safe. You should be able to participate in any activity offered without suffering injuries.


In 2014 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a special investigative report that found parasailing is largely unregulated with frequent accidents caused by faulty equipment. Towline failure was the leading cause of injury or death.

Midair collisions between a parasailers and aircrafts prompted altitude restrictions, and Florida has enacted a wind speed restriction, but faulty equipment and operator error can still lead to serious injury or death.

Parasailing is when a group of people are loaded onto a speedboat and taken out into the nearby body of water. One- or two-at-a-time, a rider will be attached to a parachute. When the boat gains speed, the parachute picks the riders up and they trail behind the boat high up in the air, with altitudes up to 400 feet.

Majority of the time, this is a freeing experience, allowing the riders to enjoy the ocean and the scenery from a perspective that they have never seen before. More often than not, everyone returns to the boat with a smile on their face and a “lets do it again” attitude.

However, for an unfortunate some, the adventure does not end in a smile, but instead injuries, confusion, and panic. Although many people may not ever see this side of parasailing, injuries and mishaps do occur—more often than companies and beach goers would ever like to know. If you have been injured in a parasailing accident, do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Matt & Allen to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Most people in these situations are very confused about their rights and their ability to seek financial compensation for things like medical bills, time off work, and pain and suffering.

Where It All Went Wrong
Parasailing is one of the most common watersports that families and individuals enjoy while on vacation. Considering how common it is to see people parasailing, it can be difficult to imagine where something could go wrong. Some common causes for parasailing accidents include:

  • Faulty Equipment: There are a lot of physical components and items that go into making a successful parasailing journey. Some of these items include but are not limited to rope, carabiners, clips, harnesses, the parachute, and even the boat itself. If one of these pieces of equipment fails, the rider could be seriously injured as a result.
  • Dangerous Weather Conditions: It is up to the parasailing company to always be checking weather conditions. Unsafe conditions can include rain, lighting, or strong winds. Occasionally, the weather changes midflight, leaving the rider’s fate in the hands of the boat operator.
  • Untrained Staff: The life of the rider lies in the boat captain and his helper’s hands. If these workers have not been properly trained, something can easily go wrong. It is up to the parasailing company to extensively train their staff before letting them operate the boat or be in charge of passengers.
  • Failure to Teach the Passengers: Parasailing is not something that everyone inherently knows how to do safely. There are certain techniques that must be employed in order to ensure that you are riding safely.
  • Unsafe Proximity to Others: Parasailing requires wide open areas of water. Many accidents have occurred when the boat operator gets too close to other boats, beaches, or structures, such as bridges and wharfs.

These are not the only ways that parasailing accidents occur, but they are the most common. Just as parasailing is not the only way that people get injured on vacation. Other common injuries include:

Car Accidents 
Boat & Jet Ski Accidents
Falling from Balconies

Contact an attorney today.

Parasailing accidents should not occur. They cause serious injury or death. You should not suffer at the fault of the parasailing company’s negligence. If you are from Louisiana and you are injured on vacation, do not hesitate to contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Matt & Allen to find out more information about your rights.

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