Maritime Employees

Louisiana Offshore Accident Attorney

A maritime employee is a special worker classification that determines the rights of an injured worker, similar to a Jones Act seaman. In the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Louisiana, many oil field workers enjoy status as a maritime employee, particularly those who are not permanently assigned to a particular vessel, such as a jackup drilling rig, a semi-submersible rig, and inland barge, a lift boat, a crew boat, or other commonly-used vessels in the industry. Generally, specialized service crew members such as wireline crews, casing crews, logging crews, cementing crews, fishing tool supervisors, and other workers who are called out to do limited service work on vessels are considered maritime employees. It is important that an injured offshore worker hire an attorney who is uniquely familiar with these specialized jobs and the maritime laws so that the worker can be accurately classified by the court to maximize the recovery for him and his family.

As an attorney and former oil field engineer, Mr. Matt has the technical expertise to know precisely the nature of the work and can determine who is at fault in causing the accident. When combined with the financial and business expertise of Mr. Allen, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen can help to maximize the recovery for the injured worker and his family.

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