Pipeline Facilities

Louisiana Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

Being a coastal state, Louisiana has thousands of miles of oil, gas, and other chemical pipelines crossing the state and in her coastal waters. Underwater pipelines are installed and maintained by a variety of specialized and traditional vessels, such as pipeline lay barges. Workers involved in offshore pipeline work can range in status from Jones Act seamen, to maritime employees, to land-based employees. Similar to drillcrew and workover crew members, as well as other oil field service personnel, the type of pipeline vessel upon which they work and the geographical or physical location of that vessel at the time of the accident dictates the rights of the injured offshore worker. For land-based pipeline workers, many times the contractual and economic relationships involved dictate the rights of the injured worker.

Mr. Matt, a former oil field engineer, is uniquely positioned to quickly determine who is at fault. When combined with the business and economic expertise of Mr. Allen, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen can help the injured pipeline worker and his family recover the full measure of damages to which they are entitled.

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