Workover Operations

Louisiana Offshore Accident Injury Attorney

Offshore Oil RigWorkover operations present some of the most dangerous work in the oil field industry. This work takes place on land, inland waters and bays, and offshore. Workovers can range from full-blown offshore rigs, truck-mounted barge rigs, onshore rigs, truck rigs, to improvised wireline units. Many times oil companies and small operators cut corners on safety when working over a well because the well has already produced most of its highly profitable oil or gas and the company is trying to sell all of the remaining product at the lowest expense. As a result, oil companies often use worn out or junk equipment and hire inexperienced crews, company men, and toolpushers who ignore safety and many times simply do not know the dangers presented by a particular well. This exposes workover crews to pressures and toxic chemicals that they cannot control because of inadequate equipment and lack of planning or warning.

Additionally, government and industry safety regulations vary dramatically and are many times ignored during workover operations. Not only is it important that an injured worker’s attorney know these rules and regulations, but it is critically important that the lawyer be very knowledgeable of the particular workover operation.

As an attorney and former oil field engineer, Mr. Matt can determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault very early in your case. Similarly, as an attorney with a master of business administration, Mr. Allen can expose those companies who sacrifice your safety for economic gain. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen will provide you with the legal representation to recover the damages that you and your family deserve.

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