Unsafe Workplaces

Lafayette, LA Work Injury Attorney

Although there are hundreds of government rules and regulations designed to keep workplaces safe, they are rarely enforced, and, if so, it is usually after a catastrophe such as the B.P. Horizon Rig. Along the Gulf Coast, the oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous industries. Safety rules and regulations, and safe work practices are ignored and knowingly overlooked. Untrained and inexperienced workers are placed in jobs that are dangerous to them and others working around them. Companies put into place safety programs that generate paperwork that gives the impression that safety is the company’s No. 1 priority, but when the job is actually done, the same company ignores its own safety rules. The company then uses the documents as a defense to claims by the injured worker and takes the incredible position that “anyone can shut down the operation if he notices something unsafe.”

When is the last time you saw a roustabout or a service hand shut down a drilling operation, a production platform or a chemical plant? Injured workers need an attorney who knows how it “really” is out in the workplace and can show the court that all those fancy safety policies and forms are a misrepresentation of the company’s true attitude toward safety.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen have handled many cases involving unsafe workplaces and have proven that thousands of pages of safety policies are nothing but decoys to hide unsafe work places.

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