Lafayette’s Most Dangerous Intersections


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Cars definitely make getting from point A to point B much more convenient, but they also make traveling more dangerous. While accidents can happen with any mode of transportation, car accidents are by far the most common. In 2012, there were an estimated 21,667 fatalities due to car crashes, compared to only 462 deaths caused by airplane crashes. This statistic makes sense though; there are around 3.5 million more cars on the road than there are planes in the sky.

It also makes sense there are more car accidents in places where there are more cars. There are obviously going to be more car accidents in Lafayette Parish than St. Martin Parish because there are more people, therefore more cars and busier streets. Following this trend, it makes sense that the intersections with the most cars traveling on them are going to have the most accidents. Here are the 10 intersections in Lafayette, Louisiana, with the highest number of accidents:

Number of Accidents from January 2012 to October 2013

Source: Lafayette Police Department Data

  1. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy near Kaliste Saloom Rd: 152

  2. Johnston St near College Rd: 113

  3. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy near Johnston St: 108

  4. Johnston St near Camellia Blvd / Rena Dr: 104

  5. Pinhook Rd near Kaliste Saloom Rd: 97

  6. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy near Robley Dr: 93

  7. W Congress St near Guilbeau Rd: 84

  8. Willow St near Evangeline Thruway: 74

  9. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy near Congress St: 66

  10. W Willow St near Ambassador Caffery Pkwy: 65

Just because these intersections are considered the most dangerous does not mean it has to stay this way. The Lafayette Police Department has stationed more officers at these and other intersections in hopes of cutting down on reckless and offensive driving. The city has also taken steps in order to make the roads safer. For example, Kaliste Saloom Rd is under construction in order to expand the road from two lanes to five lanes from Ambassador Caffery to E Broussard Rd—a stretch that sees 80,000 to 90,000 cars per day. Us passengers can also take steps to make these intersections safer. By keeping our hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, driving defensively, and obeying the speed limit, we could cut down the number of accidents that happen every year.

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