Oil Rig Injuries

Learn about injuries from offshore oil rigs.

Our firm has been dedicated to representing offshore workers for over 50 years. We know the maritime laws that apply to your case, and we are familiar with the many vessels and jobs in the offshore industry.  Working on an offshore oil rig–whether it is in the Gulf or elsewhere–comes with major risks. As one of the most dangerous jobs, workers on the oil rigs are always at risk for injury. This is why we’ve created this interactive oil rig; to give you an idea of common injuries, where they happen, and why. Click on the red warning signs below to learn about common hazard areas on these behemoth structures. 


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We know because we’ve been there.

Did you know that before becoming an attorney, Miles Matt began his professional career in the oil industry? During that time, he was involved in design, drilling, installation, and completion of wells. His experience ranges from office engineering projects, governmental permitting, and working on offshore drilling rigs and production facilities. To learn more about maritime law and offshore oil rig injuries, please contact our law office


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