Firm Overview

Miles A. Matt: When a client retains the Law Offices of Matt and Allen they can expect an attorney to handle their case with passion and a real interest in the case.

Aaron J. Allen: They can expect an open conversation about the law, and how it protects their rights, and how it will affect the unique facts of their case. They can expect an overview of the entire case so that it lowers the anxiety and increases their confidence.

Miles A. Matt: I am a degreed engineer. I worked a number of years in the oil and gas industry designing equipment, designing offshore platforms, rigs, and actually working as a company man in addition to being an engineer. That gives me a particular and unique insight in cases where people are injured as a result of operational problems or defects in products or the design of things, even such as automobiles or ATVs. That is something that gives my clients a unique advantage when they are represented by us as compared to other law firms.

Miles A. Matt: At Matt & Allen, we represent the everyday person. We’re very familiar with the strains that it puts upon their family and themselves when they’re injured. We fight for all the compensation that they deserve.

Jason A. Matt: What makes me feel most proud is lowering people’s anxiety, educating them about the legal process, and then helping them to get their lives back on track. We work with injured people and help them take full advantages of all of their rights to get the compensation they deserve.


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