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Why Choose us?

Aaron Allen, Jason Matt, & Miles Matt

No two law firms are the same. Hiring an injury lawyer is the most important decision in your case, next to choosing a qualified and reputable doctor. Ask around. Read our reviews. We feel confident that you will choose us to represent you and your family in your time of need.

You wouldn’t hire a roofer to run your electrical, so why would you hire a divorce or criminal lawyer to handle your injury case?  Sadly, we say this because we see it all too often.  A client contacts us after making the mistake of choosing the wrong lawyer and the damage to the case cannot always be repaired. We handle virtually nothing but injury cases and our backgrounds in mechanical engineering and economics give our clients an immediate advantage.

We out work the opposition.  It is not uncommon to see one or more of our lawyers working before the office is open, after the office is closed, regularly on the weekends and often during the holidays.

We put our client’s health first.  We have unique relationships with medical providers that allow our clients to receive the best medical care while also receiving the best legal representation and results.  It is our goal to get you the best medical treatment around while being fully compensated for your injuries and losses.

We optimize our cases.  Some clients are hesitant to hire an attorney because they do not want to sue someone.  Hiring us does not automatically mean that you will be filing a law suit. Many cases settle without ever having to file suit, while others may require us to file a law suit immediately.  Some cases settle quickly while others may take a while.  We optimize our cases.  Unlike some firms that are quick to settle so the attorney can make quick money, we have the staying power and ability to settle a case when the timing is perfect or take it to trial if the circumstances warrant it.

We let the client decide whether to settle or “go to court”.  We never settle a client’s case without getting his or her agreement and authority to do so, and on the flip side, we never “go to court” if it is against the client’s wishes.  We handle the case from start to finish and are there for you every step of the way, but ultimately, it is your decision, with our professional advice and guidance.

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