Defective Home Appliances

Lafayette Defective Products Lawyer

Some of the most serious injuries—even deaths—are caused by everyday home appliances that we take for granted. Contrary to what you might think, massive pieces of equipment, like the washing machine or the oven, are not the only appliances we need to worry about. Cheaper and less clunky items, such as floor heaters and hair dryers, pose threats, too, as they often cause electrical shock or fire. More and more we are seeing cheap, imported appliances that are simply dangerous due to deficient material used, bad design, or improper assembly. Many times there are ineffective warnings or no warning at all, as well as improper instructions or those written in the wrong language. Most of the time, Louisiana law considers the U.S. importer to be the responsible party, even though the device is designed and manufactured overseas. With that being said, in most cases it is necessary to explore the lack of safety and engineering expertise of the overseas manufacturer to adequately prove your case.

At the Law Offices of Matt & Allen, we have not only the technical expertise to quickly detect a manufacturer defect but we also have the business and economic expertise to explore the business relationships between the overseas manufacturer and the U.S. importer to better ensure that the injured consumer recovers the full measure of his damages. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to ensure that your rights are being protected.

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