Drillcrew Members

The rights of drillcrew and workover crew members depend heavily on the type of rig upon which they work and the geographical or physical location of that rig when an accident occurs. Crew members today work on a wide variety of rigs that range from primitive truck rigs equipped with the same tools used 75 years ago to deepwater vessel rigs employing computerized automation. Crews employed on semi-submersible, jackup, inland barge rigs, and the like may enjoy Jones Act seaman status. Crews employed on offshore fixed platform rigs, land rigs, and workover trucks may fall under the Louisiana or other state Workers’ Compensation laws or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

It is very important that the attorneys you hire not only be experienced in all of the laws that may apply to your case, but that they are also well experienced with all the different kinds of rigs that workover crews are assigned.

Mr. Matt, a former engineer, is very familiar with the various designs, functions, and purposes of all the kinds of drilling and workover rigs. Mr. Allen is well experienced in the business considerations of how drilling and workover companies use these various rigs to maximize their profits, many times to the disadvantage of the rig crews. Knowledge and experience with all of these factors allow the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen to ensure that injured drillcrew and workover crew members maximize their recovery.

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