Production Facilities

Lafayette, Louisiana Offshore Accident Injury Lawyers

Oil Rig PipesOil and gas production facilities today range from complex automated offshore facilities with the most advanced technology and equipment available to simple systems with tanks and piping manufactured in the 1940s. All production workers and service personnel who work near this equipment are exposed to some common dangers: high pressures, toxic chemicals, and risk of fire and explosion. Offshore and inland water facilities have the unique disadvantage of literally having no place to run in case of a malfunction. When a worker is injured at a production facility, whether it be caused by defective machinery or equipment, use of the wrong separator or safety valve, or an improperly developed production procedure, it is important that your attorney quickly determines the true cause of the accident.

As an attorney and oil field engineer, Mr. Matt has handled many cases involving workers injured at production facilities and knows firsthand the dangers caused by faulty safety systems, defective equipment, unsafe work practices, and unsafe workplaces. In many cases, our thorough investigation has uncovered problems hidden deep in the production process that presented dangers known by the corporate owners. With this knowledge and experience, the injured worker and his family will recover the monies they deserve.

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