Production Personnel

Louisiana Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

Oil and gas production facilities today range from complex automated offshore facilities with the most advanced technology and equipment available to simple systems with tanks and piping manufactured in the 1940s. Production personnel, such as foreman operators, primpers, gaugers, roustabouts, and the like, are exposed to this equipment on virtually a continuous basis. Many accidents are caused by faulty machinery and equipment, a defect in the process design, a defect in the production operation process, failure to use the proper process safety devices such as PSVs or pressure pilots, or simply because the company does not want to spend the money to replace bad equipment. Land-based production personnel are usually covered by the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act. Offshore-based production personnel may be covered by the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act or the federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Very few are covered by the Jones Act. Many times contracts entered between a production worker’s employer and the production facility owner shields the owner from liability, even though the owner is at fault for causing the injury. It is critical that the injured production worker hire an attorney that can cut through the contractual red tape and that also has the expertise to determine the precise cause of the accident, particularly if it is a defective piece of machinery or equipment or a faulty design.

Mr. Matt, a former oil field engineer, is uniquely positioned to quickly determine precisely who is at fault. When combined with the business and economic expertise of Mr. Allen, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Matt & Allen can help the injured production worker and his family recover the full damages to which they are entitled.

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