Semi-Submersible Rigs

Lafayette, LA Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

The rights of an offshore worker depend on many factors, such as the job he was doing, whether the accident happened in federal waters, state waters, or inland bays, and the type of structure he was working on at the time of the accident. The general maritime law considers a semi-submersible drilling rig to be a vessel, no different than a crew boat, a supply boat, or a cruise ship. Workers permanently assigned to semi-submersible rigs enjoy the status of being Jones Act seamen. Other workers who do transitory work on these vessels, such as wireline crews, casing crews, company men, and the like, are generally considered maritime employees. Since the oil and gas industry began exploration over water during the mid 20th century, many types of floating structures have been used as workplaces. It is extremely important that your attorney be experienced with the detailed construction, operation and function of those structures in order to ensure that the injured offshore worker maximizes his monetary recovery. This often means the difference between winning and losing a case.

As an attorney and former oil field engineer, Mr. Matt has the expertise necessary to have the court recognize the proper classification of these structures in order to protect the rights of you and your family.

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